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Like in Heaven Martin Patric

Like in Heaven

Martin Patric

Published March 28th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Why should you read these short stories?It is about people, written for people. The author says – I wrote short stories I like to read… They are thrilling funny and concise. They have beginning, story and powerful ending.The First one is about the old times when for a woman it was not only a shame but also a tragedy to have a child unmarried, especially in the rural areas. Some places this view did not change...The second is very erotic but it is so for a reason, it has to be erotic to tell the story... It is about group of young people canoeing down a river. You will learn something about how artists see women and their beauty. And something about misunderstandings rising in a pair when a “new life” is born.The third one is a high school reunion after many years with a bit of nostalgia, sadness and a surprise.The fourth is a bit strange whining of an old man with a surprising point at the end.The fifth one is joyful story telling us how much we need music in life, how important is silence and how healthy it is to sing – much healthier than running.The last story is half a dream half reality and it mingles