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A Moonlite Night - The Complete Saga Adrianna White

A Moonlite Night - The Complete Saga

Adrianna White

Published April 2012
274 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A Moonlite Night Saga - #1 through #8Lifes never been ordinary for Emily Johansson, or her brother Steven. They lost thier parents at a very young age and have been fighting to stay together ever since. Thier world changes with the arrival of several ghouls, late at night and masked under the cover of darkness. While theyre rather harnless thenselves, these ghouls come with an even more frightening secrrt - vampires are real and theyre already descended upon the city of Georgetown.Theyre looking for something long since vanished and resurfaced in the most unlikely of places. The vampire horde will stop at nothing until theyve utterly destroyed that which theyll never truly understand.Its something Emilys going to need to try and understand if she wants to keep the monsters at bay and survive thr night. Shes going to need friends to do that, friends from the very same paranormal realm thats hunting her. Its a race against time and shes going to need all her friends and allies to fight back the dsrkness with herand triumph over the vampire queens horde.(Copied from Smashwords)