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A Criminal Love Part 2 : Lovin A Street King K.C. Mills

A Criminal Love Part 2 : Lovin A Street King

K.C. Mills

Published July 29th 2015
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Fresh out of lock up King is determined to find out who was behind him getting arrested for Sen’s disappearance. After Royal pays Wesley a visit he finds out that his mother has resurfaced and is part of the reason behind King’s arrest.Royal also discovers that Free has a sister named Lane that Free didn’t know about and uses Lane as an insurance policy to guarantee that Wesley makes the case against King disappear.Once King and Royal introduce Free to her sister she quickly becomes a part of their close knit circle. Lane has some secrets of her own starting with an abusive ex that she has been hiding from which in turn introduces two the crew members Karter and Kay twin brothers who run a small operation in Raleigh.Free, Lace and Meka are still hanging in there riding for their men while Free has finally wised up and put her foot down with King causing him to have to get his act together.Lace and Royal are still figuring out their dysfunctional relationship while trying to avoid catching a case by dealing with each other and King is trying to own up to the fact that he is a one woman man.King finds out some family secrets that brings him closer to the two new members of their circle and family loyalty forces King, Royal and Shine to get caught up in another street war adding to their already complicated situation.Royals long lost mother Sandra has been out of the picture for years but suddenly surfaces partnered with Money to try and take down King, Shine and her own son Royal. Sandra definitely will not be receiving the mother of the year award because she is determined to take back what she feels is rightfully hers even if it means taking her own son’s life.With Royals mother back in the picture and new family members surfacing will King, Royal and Shine be able to stay alive, maintain their relationships while making sure their empire continues to grow?