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Gus and the Super Veg Samina Younis

Gus and the Super Veg

Samina Younis

Published August 30th 2014
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 About the Book 

Meet Gus. He hates eating vegetables! But then he meets the Super Vegetables. Will he change his mind once they show him their super powers?In this exciting story, Gus learns the importance of eating vegetables once the Super Veg demonstrate their magical powers.Your child will eagerly read through this book to see whether or not Gus really does eat his vegetables.With easy to read text, rhyming and beautiful illustrations, this story will capture your child’s imagination page after page.Samina Younis carefully crafted this exciting story for children, to teach them the importance of eating their vegetables as well as promoting healthy eating, fitness and generally keeping active. She feels the key in getting children to eat healthy is to start at an early age. This will hopefully encourage them to carry on eating healthier when they are older.Her idea behind the super vegetables is to show children the powers that vegetables can have if they eat them. Each vegetable has their own unique super power which your child will learn from readying this story. This story delivers a meaningful message and also inspires your child to love reading.