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Takers Cant Die Alice Bradshaw

Takers Cant Die

Alice Bradshaw

Published February 17th 2015
Kindle Edition
86 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

TAKERS CANT DIEBY ALICE BRADSHAWThe idea of this book was born in December 2014. The book reveals two paralel worlds, where the forbidden becomes the sweetest. The main character is so depressed and apathic because of the death of her lover, that she could barely remember to appreciate life. She started living mostly in her dreams, but she forgot, that sometimes, it is better to wake up.*Quotes of the book*On the couch in the living room, silent in the gloom, Helena was waiting. Her look was aimed beyond the barred window. The impersonal light of the street lamp was falling down on her crossed legs, implying at the same time the features of her face. Her heart fade in sweet pleasure. Just a moment more and he would be with her.Like a lurking ghost, his shadow was printed on the curtains. Some breeze came from somewhere and moved them. They parted and Persiyan stepped forward. Helena was covered with a sense of deja vu. His clothes were the same - blue jeans and leather jacket, on which traces of rubbing can be seen. A constantly waiting was burning in his look. Despite it, he stood still.She rose to welcome him....