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John Lydon

Kindle Edition
365 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Radicalized Republicans have passed Directive 98-201, eliminating any and all government restrictions on the free market. Only a few years after the rise of the corporatocracy America has been looted and pillaged by the CEOs to the point of near-collapse. Once free citizens have been reduced to little more than wage-slaves. Ah, but not all hope is lost, for out of the chaos a small group of economic freedom fighters, The Children of Sisyphus, have decided to put down their bongos and take up arms. But where are The Children getting such radically advanced technology? Who are the mysterious individuals helping them? Gods, time travelers, or something even more bizarre?2019 is fast, funny and probably the most politically incorrect book written in the last decade. Unapologetically tackling everything from religion to feminism to the horrifying flaws of capitalism itself. If youre perfectly happy with the current status quo in America, youre gonna hate this book. However, if youre ready for a dystopian novel that isnt afraid of making waves and naming names, this is the book youve been waiting for!